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New Student Orientation Advisement Appointment - When students come to campus for their New Student Orientation, they will meet with an Academic Advisor to register for classes, ask questions, learn more about Salukinet, discuss majors, etc. It is possible to be advised prior to your New Student Orientation. The earlier that you register for classes the more options you will have. If your New Student Orientation isn’t until the end of July you won’t want to wait until then to be advised and registered. Students who are advised prior to their New Student Orientation will not have an advisement appointment that day.

Phone Advisement Appointment - Students can get advised by phone prior to coming to SIU for their first semester or between semesters. Phone advisement appointments require that students have access to Salukinet. That means they need to have access to a computer, internet and they must remember their password. Aside from the fact that the conversation takes place over the phone, the advisement appointment will cover the same topics as other types of advisement appointments. Students simply need to call our office (618-453-4351) at the time of their appointment.

In-Office Academic Advisement Appointment - These are the most common advisement appointments for students who are close enough to SIU to come to campus easily or for students who are already on campus. You can use an advisement appointment to discuss any questions or concerns that you have. Other common topics include course registration, discussion/change of major and referral to SIU services.

Walk-In Advisement - These are first come/first serve advisement sessions. Every advisor has at least an hour every day available for walk-in advisement. These sessions are intended for answering student questions, making changes to a current schedule or referrals to SIU services. These sessions are NOT intended for full advisement/course registration.